about the webcomic


in august 2016, the whole idea for this comic was conceived when i was 13 years old.

it was called "the fweeby webcomic" and its 4 main characters are what these 4 main ones used to be.

the main character of that used to be my sona! i used to go by that online! but then i sort of lost the connection to that and the comic kinda died with that. none of those old comics really repesent me anymore!

but i've always kind of missed making comics! so i decided to reboot it into "the canvas garden." now the old characters are plants! except m,r cloud, who is still a cloud.

i hope i can recapture the silliness of the comics i made, especially the ones of 2016, when i was just 13, except for the one comic i made november 1 of that year, when i was 14!

please try your best to enjoy my silly comic!

© raine "wintermintleaf"